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Teaching and Preaching

Reform Movement Responsum

In fall 2018 the CCAR released a responsum on the question of the Jewish legal imperative to pay men and women equally.

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Symposium on Pay Equity, CCAR Journal

The Reform Jewish Quarterly Fall 2018 edition is now available online for viewing and download. It includes articles on the gender wage gap through policy, testimonials, and data, and more.

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Study Guides

Reform Pay Equity Initiative, in collaboration with CCAR and with generous support from the Jewish Women’s Foundation of New York, is pleased to present the following study guides to be used with these essays:

Facilitators’ Guide

Study Track 1: Synagogue Board: “Reform Jewish Perspectives”

Study Track 2: Synagogue Search Committee: “Social Justice” and “Best Practices”

Study Track 3: Adult Education: The Sacred Partnership: Ethics and Values

Sermons/ D’vrei Torah

Pay equity is inherently a Jewish issue. Raise the issue of the gender wage gap in your community from the bima. Here are some samples of d’var Torah on the topic of Equal Pay Day.

Rabbi Marla Feldman, Trumah 2017

Rabbi Angela Buchdahl, Pinchas 2017

Rabbi Helaine Ettinger, Rosh Hodesh Nisan 2019

Rabbi Peter Stein, Shabbat Shmini 2019

Rabbi Charles Briskin, 2019

Rabbi Joel Abraham, Tazria 2019


Equal Pay Day

International Women’s Day is March 8, 2020, and Equal Pay Day is on March 31, 2020. RPEI, with the great assistance of the CCAR and ACC, has produced materials to help all of our organizations and our members highlight the issue of Pay Equity during this season.

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Living Talmud

Use the Equal Pay Living Talmud for inspiration when teaching about pay equity in your community. The resource includes quotes from Jewish texts and prominent Jewish individuals.

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Executive Summary on the Wage Gap within the Reform Movement

As a product of our generous grant from the Jewish Women’s Foundation of New York, we hired an economist to review all current data available to us from five organizations that represent Jewish professionals in our community. Elise Gould, a senior economist at the Economic Policy Institute, compared and aggregated these data sets in order to measure the current wage gap, helping guide our progress in narrowing the gap for years to come.

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